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Osteopathy is a system of examination, diagnosis and treatment which helps alleviate musculoskeletal symptoms. The osteopath will take a medical case history and discuss your symptoms. Examination involves the assessment of your musculoskeletal (muscles and joints) system which will help formulate a diagnosis. Osteopathic treatment involves a combination of soft tissue work (massage) joint articulation and manipulation as necessary.

Tim Hanwell – Thursdays

Tyler Hands – 8am to 7pm Tuesdays

Sports And Relaxation Massage Therapy with Jerry – Fridays

Physiotherapy with Alina Rana – Mondays

Acupuncturist with Panilla Marott

Acupuncture works by releasing blockages or “stagnation” that prevent energy from moving optimally in our system thus, impacting our health. This may be experienced as a physical condition such as pain, or inflammation, or it may present as an emotional condition such as stress, depression, or anxiety. 

In conjunction with the use of very fine acupuncture needles to manipulate the energy flow in the body, additional techniques may be used to stimulate acupressure points along the channels.

One of these techniques is Tuina (Chinese medical massage) a traditional treatment used in treating various complaints, such as musculoskeletal disorders as well as diseases of internal organs.

Tuina has a relaxing effect on the nervous system affecting mood, lowering anxiety and can improve the ability to de-stress. This hands-on technique is traditionally practised over loose comfortable clothing.

Cupping, Guasha and Moxibustion are other modalities that may be used to stimulate energy and move stagnation in the tissues, addressing pain and aches.