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Acupuncture & Reflexology

Acupuncture is part of Chinese medicine that has a long recorded history. It uses concepts such as yin and yang and qi to explain illness. Treatment begins with a diagnostic assessment. This involves taking your medical history and questions about your general health and lifestyle, as well as pulse taking and inspection of the tongue. All of this is important information in order to make an individual diagnosis and treatment plan which depend on the signs and symptoms presented. Each Chinese diagnosis leads to a tailor-made treatment.

Private and Dual Bed Clinic Sessions

Due to Covid restrictions acupuncture in a dual bed setting is no longer possible.

Both private and dual bed clinic acupuncture sessions are available on Wednesdays and Fridays. With a private session, you have the clinic on a one to one basis with the practitioner for an hour.

The dual bed clinic was introduced to keep costs down and it enables regular treatments. Patients arrive every 30 minutes, but have a full hour session in a discreet setting with curtains separating the treatment couches.

Hanya Chlala – Wednesday and Friday


Osteopathy is a system of examination, diagnosis and treatment which helps alleviate musculoskeletal symptoms. The osteopath will take a medical case history and discuss your symptoms. Examination involves the assessment of your musculoskeletal (muscles and joints) system which will help formulate a diagnosis. Osteopathic treatment involves a combination of soft tissue work (massage) joint articulation and manipulation as necessary.

Tim Hanwell – Thursdays

Tyler Hands – 8am to 7pm Tuesdays

Sports Massage and Injury Rehabilitation

Sports Massage can be used to help those with stress or injuries but is also used by many to relax and unwind. Its deep techniques are different to those of therapeutic massage and it has many benefits: improve circulation and lymphatic flow, assist in the removal of metabolic waste, sedate or stimulate nerve endings, increase or decrease muscle tone, increase or decrease muscle length, remodel scar tissue when required and assist in mental preparation for sporting participation.

Injury Rehabilitation is appropriate for those with new injuries or chronic injuries. This differs from sports massage as it may utilise other techniques such as strengthening exercises, stretching and flexibility, proprioceptive exercises, ultrasound and joint mobilisations. Home exercises are usually prescribed to shorten your healing time and make your treatment as cost effective as possible.

Relaxation Massage

A relaxation massage uses the skill of our Sports Massage Therapist to help you relax and unwind. This session is focused on reducing knots and tension as well as calming the nervous system, relieving headaches and general aches and pains. A relaxation massage is useful for patients who spend a lot of time sitting at their PC or who are keen to take control of their posture.

Laura Phillips

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